Ass 1 progress on Assessment Criteria

  • Demonstration of technical and visual skills – Materials, techniques, observational skills,

visual awareness, design and compositional skills.

It was quite a challenge to work on so many paintings, albeit small and supposedly quick, but I gradually got better at working more quickly by making quicker decisions, focussing more on capturing the essence rather than the detail of my subjects.
I’ve worked with all the water based media suggested in the course notes, in full colour and in limited palettes and monochrome.  Some media I’ve tried in different forms, like acrylic inks and markers and ink sticks.  I’ve added coffee to the mix in my sketchbook, and gold leaf. I’ve tried different grounds, experimenting with different combinations of media, and I’ve applied what I’ve learned in my assignment paintings.
I enjoyed creating designs and compositions from found images, playing with cropping and zooming, and using unexpected viewpoints and perspectives.  I felt my observational and visual skills, and my media techniques develop as I painted my Hands series particularly, and I think I got a good balance between realism and expressing atmosphere.  I enjoyed observing and interpreting the characters of my human subjects, their bodily gestures and facial expressions.  
•  Quality of outcome – Content, application of knowledge, presentation of work in a
coherent manner with discernment.
The quality of my outcomes is a bit variable, but I would expect this to go hand in hand with learning new skills and experimenting.  There are some good paintings, and a variety of interest in my three series.  I’ve explained in my blog for each series how I’ve absorbed and adopted some of the practices of other artists I’ve found out about during my research.  I’ve compared my paintings with each other in my blog, saying why I think this or that one is more or less successful.
•  Demonstration of creativity – Imagination, experimentation, invention, development of a
personal voice.
I noted above I’ve experimented with media and grounds, and combinations of them.  I tried text and bleach, gold leaf and ink blots, and in my backgrounds spattering, dripping and dribbling paint, always with a view to creating an atmosphere.  The abstract paintings develop my assignment series into an imaginary world, they have more of an experimental, inventive content than the figurative paintings.  The latter on the whole have good sense of atmosphere and could provide useful material for developing into a more imaginary, creative interpretation of reality.
•  Context – Reflection, research (learning logs).
 I’ve tried to note down my reflections on my work and processes both as I work (which explains my decision making, but means there may be too much description of what I’m doing) and at the end of each exercise, when the distance and objectivity of a little time helps to clarify what did and didn’t work well, how I want to develop my work in the future, what I want to communicate.
I enjoyed the research I did into the many artists suggested, and gleaned a lot of influence and ideas from them to link into my own work.  I really enjoyed the sketchbook work I did in response to what I looked at…what an effective way this is of studying an artist, and finding out how I would like to adopt some of their practices.   Should I have chosen one or two to research in more depth?  It’s a question I’d like guidance on.  My knowledge of contemporary artists is very limited so I do feel the need to broaden as well as deepen it.


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