Ex 1.4 Look at what you see- not what you imagine





I used a pre-prepared background in my sketchbook (leftover paint) and took a minute to draw the main lines of my (upside-down) image in white pastel pencil.  Laid out black, white, brown and orange gouache, & with size 12 watercolour brush then painted my subject in the remaining 9 minutes.  Used thickish paint, leaving brush marks quite obvious, as they are in the background…resembling the effect Alli Sharma achieves in oil paint.  Quite pleased when I turned my painting up the right way. Her stance is all her weight on her left leg, haven’t quite got it right in the painting.  

The main things seemed to be (a) look for broad areas of dark, mid and light tone, (b) as its a figure, look for proportions and try to establish the centre line of gravity and (c) don’t panic, slow down and consider each mark carefully.

I like the result – it’s spontaneous and fresh, not disguising the use of paint, not striving for realistic detail.





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